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Name< Mike
Location< Nashua
D.O.B or Age< 17
Dating status< one month today

5 Favorite bands< get up kids, thursday, motion city soundtrack, anberlin, aerosmith
5 Favorite movies< independence day, the LotR movies, the bourne identity, donnie darko, the boondock saints
5 Favorite books< the LotR books, hitchikers guide to the galaxy, interview with a vampire, the resturant at the end of the universe, and mostly harmless
3 Favorite artist< I'm not really that into art

How did you find us? Fallon made me join
Who did you promote us too? no one yet
How much do you love your self? im my biggest fan?
Why should we except you? becaus eu made me apply
Post 3 or more pictures please!!

i hope u like the last pic of my ass on the ground
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